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So here we are
As far our eye can see
We curse at time
We cherish love
We challenge destiny
Long journeys planned to place’s far
Crossing oceans following stars
Trusting our young hearts would find
Love to last and peace of mind
So there we were the story tells
Of trees and streams and loud church bells
By those as bold in days they lived
They left behind all they could give
How far we’ve gone
So high the sky beyond the clouds
We were so young and oh so proud
We felt the way we lived was right
Every day and every night
We challenged conquered and returned
To our beginnings where we learned
The home that made us all feel free
Home at last our destiny.

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Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
I am writing to you for the first time. This year things are different. My dad lost his job and with it, lost that smile he used to wear almost all the time. My Dad is a good guy with the biggest heart. It looks like I will not be getting many things for the holidays, and that is OK. We always had a big Christmas tree that we all decorated. Just after Thanksgiving, we would start pulling down all the ornaments we have collected throughout the years. I am only ten years old, yet I remember adding so many new ornaments to the tree each year.
Thanksgiving was not much fun either. We did have a turkey and stuffing and all the great dishes Mom makes. She learned them from my grandmother. That is one of the sad parts of this request. My grandmother died of Covid-19 a few months ago. We miss her a lot. Mom made all her special Thanksgiving dishes, just like her Mom use to and someday I will do the same.
Santa, this year has been so bad for our family. School closes when the teachers are afraid that they and their students will get sick. We must learn our subjects on a computer from home. I try, though it is not easy to learn this way. I hope that I can go back to school soon.
Now about my request. It is not for me. What I want for Christmas is a job for my Dad, so he will get his smile back. And maybe something to make Mom feel like a Mom again. It has been so tough on her since grandma died. Please Santa, I do not want anything for myself. …

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

As The Year Ends

As the year ends to a new beginning
There are moments to recall
Summer Spring Winter Fall
Some say the leaves tell all
Some say ’twas not that at all
Can you pick and choose one best
Can you separate a moment from the rest
Can you say it changed your life
A special moment as husband and wife
Maybe it was a sky so blue
That made you linger and enjoy the view
Maybe it was that day in Spring
When the birds returned with their songs to sing
Maybe it was a Winter storm
That changed to white your lush green lawn
Maybe or maybe not
It’s all for you to choose
For as the clock strikes twelve o’clock
Which memories remain with you? …

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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

In The End

A poem says a lot out loud
So the crowd may know your thoughts
Words that come together
Some fill spaces are for naught
Within the lines a message spews
You want so much to say
How you feel and what you think
When something bad comes your way
You may not find the words my friend
You may not ever know
What brought your pen to paper
To tell of someone close
Be wise about your feelings
Be careful what you say
And in the end my dearest friend
You will say he saved the day. …

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The Answer Is

The answer is
Or is it not
Our favorite host has lost his spot
The questions came and answers flew
He always knew and hoped you knew too
The years have marked this man of wit
Who showed his best each night
He fought Cancer and lost the fight
On November 8th he said his last goodnight
So cool and calm we loved his way
His smile and charm ended our long day
What will we do as the sun goes down
Our Jeopardy host is horizon bound
He left a book to tell his past
A memoir of a life to last
Through time for those who someday ask
Who was this man Alex Trebek
We know he will not be replaced
This smiling guy with grace and taste
Left more than just his episodes
Those questions that so quickly flowed
He left us with so many why’s
Questions for each day
To give our brains some exercise
We played his game his way. …

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Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Halloween Night

Halloween is the one night each year you fear
When the moon is full
When the streets are crawling with monsters
Rolling clouds conceal the moon’s glow for just a moment
In seconds it reappears as a searchlight in the sky
You fight to stay awake
You fall asleep
And then they come
To haunt and prey
This is your worst nightmare
Scenes portrayed over and over
Until you believe them true
You are not who you once were
Terrified you run
Frantic you try to hide
To crawl behind any rock you can find
Still they are waiting there
Fear cripples you
Is there no one who will save you
As the light of the blazing sun breaks the horizon
The glare burns their red glazed eyes to tears
You are saved until Halloween returns next year. …

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Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

The Making of a Sonnet

First what makes up a Shakespearean Sonnet
A simple question with the answer forthwith
Think of costumes you wear with a Bonnet
The look would be improper without it

There must be four lines three times and then two
Each of the four must rhyme every other
Then to complete you rhyme the last two
These lines combat as sister and brother

And of course there must be a story told
One that will always seek to discover
It may be filled with love if you be so bold
Or a simple prose without a…

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Photo by Olivier Giboulot on Unsplash

Where Would We Be

It is 1774 when we start this historic tale
We find John Peter Zenger locked in a New York jail
His satirical attacks on William Cosby the then governor of the state
Did not think his stories in The New York Weekly Journal were too great
He confined Mr. Zenger for almost a year
Until his lawyers made their case extremely clear
“You may write, publish or say all that is true
and the law shall not do anything to you!”
They convinced the jury it was clear all could see
And “Freedom of the Press” was from that day decreed
Looking back almost 300 years
The courage of Zenger brings a chill and a tear
If it wasn’t for he who else would have changed our history
Where would we be without John Peter Z? …

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Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

We All Have Our Misgivings

I seem to be able to write about anything
Whatever crosses my mind
It may be something I have lost or something I can’t find
It may be of that certain one who lingers deep inside
That drifts in my sea of memories in a place I cannot hide
The words don’t seem to matter
The images are there
So many scenes so crystal clear
I know that I must bear
How could it have been different
What would have changed what was
We all have our misgivings
We all live with a cause
As new days move on past us
We find reasons to work and fuss
While those we miss and loved so dear
At times in dreams they reappear
We smile and laugh and give a cheer
Then look up to him and cuss. …

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I Love My Father So

He toots his horn in his own way
At times a little loud
I would not know him if someday
He became part of the common crowd
In his younger years he was a Pro
The cards flipped as they do
Boxing was his best he told me so
He even knocked out a chosen few
As times changed he soon became
The builder of new dreams
This was for him the biggest game
Creating strong forever lasting scenes
So many kids would call him Dad
Four totaled our small clan
He’s mine and I’m so proud and glad
He’s led our family band
So again on this Father’s Day
I’ll brag to all I know
I’ve said it here in my own way
I love my Father so. …



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