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The Making of a Sonnet

First what makes up a Shakespearean Sonnet
A simple question with the answer forthwith
Think of costumes you wear with a Bonnet
The look would be improper without it

There must be four lines three times and then two
Each of the four must rhyme every other
Then to complete you rhyme the last two
These lines combat as sister and brother

And of course there must be a story told
One that will always seek to discover
It may be filled with love if you be so bold
Or a simple prose without a…

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Where Would We Be

It is 1774 when we start this historic tale
We find John Peter Zenger locked in a New York jail
His satirical attacks on William Cosby the then governor of the state
Did not think his stories in The New York Weekly Journal were too great
He confined Mr. Zenger for almost a year
Until his lawyers made their case extremely clear
“You may write, publish or say all that is true
and the law shall not do anything to you!” …

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We All Have Our Misgivings

I seem to be able to write about anything
Whatever crosses my mind
It may be something I have lost or something I can’t find
It may be of that certain one who lingers deep inside
That drifts in my sea of memories in a place I cannot hide
The words don’t seem to matter
The images are there
So many scenes so crystal clear
I know that I must bear
How could it have been different
What would have changed what was
We all have our misgivings
We all live with a cause
As new days move on past us
We find reasons to work and fuss
While those we miss and loved so dear
At times in dreams they reappear
We smile and laugh and give a cheer
Then look up to him and cuss. …



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