A poetic story of a man and his dream

Photo by Pedram Normohamadian on Unsplash

HALSTON a name engraved into the fabric of society.
His notoriety brought him international fame
and with it a constant need to climb that infamous ladder
whose rungs seemingly never end.
His head often in the clouds, brought so…

A Children’s Story

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Once upon a time, there were three little Elves. Each Elf had a funny name that fit them perfectly. Miss Cookie was in charge of the kitchen and all the meals. Veggie was in charge of the vegetable garden, he did all the planting and watering and…

A Poem Remembering a Friend

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

We’ve lost a friend from this day forth
Through life she wore the sacred cloth
That brought her close to he well known
Who sits upon the highest thrown
Our dearest Martha is worthy to be named
As she now reaches life’s end game
So many loved ones will recall her…

A Poem of Life

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

How long shall we live to be
To watch the trees and the rolling sea
How long shall we walk the ways
To feel the sun on a summer’s day
How long shall we watch on high
The moon the stars that light the sky
How long shall we see our children…


WOLRAD the pen name of Mark Darlow, writer, songwriter, poet, invites you to visit his website at www.iwonderdoyou.com

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