A Golden-Haired Beauty — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#17)

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A Golden-Haired Beauty

Each morning I see them on the 7:40 train
A beauty with golden hair and her man with a cane
She cuddles so close she never looks away
Many try to catch her eye not a one will today
They walk past her window then bend for a view
Phil in the blue suit tries tying his shoe
Still she stares straight ahead not a glimpse of her eye
As the 7:40 Syosset to New York quickly races by
Some rustle their papers and books page by page
Reading the stories that today are the rage
Tomorrow as always everything will again change
Leaving today to the past with its stories of fame
Still cuddled so close not an inch can you see
The golden haired beauty sits focused to be
Put to command as she learned while in school
This four-legged wonder that’s nobody’s fool
If ever a man needed love by his side
This Golden Retriever is the one to reside.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #17 by Wolrad)

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