Autumn — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#45)

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As autumn enters with a chill
The leaves begin to turn
The days so bright
The longer nights
The smell of fires burn
It seemed to take no more a day
To cool the air from summer’s heat
To what is now a breathless treat
As the leaves turn more each day
A month or less the change will take
To clear the trees to mow and rake
It’s not my favorite outdoor chore
I will be sore I know before
Still I cherish these cool autumn days
The crisp fresh air the leaves decay
As nature’s pallet creates new views
As she covers old paths and a few that are new
Soon winter with its cold and snow
Will show up at the door we know
Reminding us as in years before
Take care of our world down to its core
So autumn can return once more.

(From a Copy and Paste Poem #45 by Wolrad)

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