Don’t Hide — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#41)

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Don’t Hide

Why do you hide
Where do you go
How do you know
If they’re your friends or foes
Why search for something so hidden it’s lost
Along comes the suffering at a very high cost
Rise from those shadows
Come out from the dark
Sit by a tree and carve into its bark
Leave all that sorrow
Take a breath for the pain
Look towards the sunset
Don’t hide in the rain
Tomorrow will be there
With you or without
Show them you still can muster that clout
Let go of what haunts you
Rehearse a new part
The role won’t be easy
Take sail with new charts
Then wake to a new day
My good friend please try
If not it’s for sure
You’ll soon say goodbye.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #41 by Wolrad)

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