Fooling Father Time

1 min readJul 11, 2023

A Poem of Life

Photo by ALMA on Unsplash

I’m older than my father by some years
He left us at the youthful age of 76
I never thought much about it or ever feared
I was young and strong and still had lots of tricks

Now today I often question and I wonder
How much useful healthy time is left for me
Can I still conjure up that youthful thunder
Liked when I slammed that little golf ball off that tee

Until now I always thought of age as just a number
The little aches and pains were just a part of life
In the past few months my brain is getting dumber
And I’ve forgotten those loving moments with my wife

Age and life run along a narrow path
There is no doubt someday all of us will die
Maybe with some luck I’ll be able to outlast
By staying healthy and working out I will defy

Tomorrow when the sun as always rises
I’ll be someone in the past I’ve yet to be
I will put on some weird outfit that disguises
Who I am so father time won’t know it’s me.

(A poem from the Wolrad collection #205)




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