Forget Them Not — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#44)

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Forget Them Not

The many brave and strong
Who change to right those things so wrong
Who always sing a righteous song
Who say to all
We all belong
They are the best and always stand
As the hero’s in this our promised land
Who preach what our founding fathers laid down
At too high a price to the English crown
Now at this time when our world is so sick
We must bond together like glue to stick
As close we can
To save every man
Before we lose our promised land
To cure our folks of this pandemic
To cure our folks of racist thoughts and sins
So we may all be healthy together
As we search our souls so we all can win
No matter our faith or the color of our skin
Think clearly based on what is said
Don’t let what’s wrong inside your head
The brave stay strong when things get hot
Reminding us
Forget them not.

(From a Copy and Paste Poem #44 by Wolrad)

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