Hang On…So I can Hang Up!

2 min readMar 5, 2023

A Call Answering System dilemma

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

I called my health insurance plan
With something that seemed wrong
I was charged for a service
That I felt did not belong
The robot operator said hold on
I did for thirty-four minutes
Then as so many times before
I guess I reached my limit
The phone went dead
Was it something I said?
Though I only questioned why
I’ve been here before
I felt that loud slamming door
So I called again to hear once more
“Our reps are busy with other customers
May we call you back? Please leave a number
You are customer three in the queue.”
That’s when the blunders began
I felt buried in a mound of sand
The day went by without a return call
I hung the bill next to me on the wall
The next morning at ten I called again
Same recording same voice same choices
And then a voice said, “May I help you?”
She sounded kind and considerate
For a moment my heart stood still
She gave me the answer I needed
I said “thank you!” and paid the bill
There must be a moral to this story…
If you keep your cool and are patient enough
If you go through their system no matter how rough
If things get out of hand and feel kind of tough
Wait till tomorrow and I’m sure you will see
There is that caring someone to answer your plea
A person so kind you wish you were dating
Who won’t leave you out there forever waiting
Who will answer your question without saying please
And won’t keep you hanging
From that call answering tree.

(A poem from the Wolrad collection #138)




WOLRAD the pen name of Mark Darlow, writer, songwriter, poet, invites you to visit his website at www.iwonderdoyou.com and enjoy his books and songs.