Heaven Needed a Piano Man — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#8)

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Heaven Needed a Piano Man

There must have been a spot that opened
in Gabriel’s Band
That couldn’t be filled by
just any man
They needed a guy whose piano
had that sound
That gave you a lift
when feeling low down
They needed the man
who played with the best
That when in his youth
he passed every test
When they searched all the towns
and all the cool spots
It was our piano man’s name
that rose to the top
That must be the reason
what else could it be
The long summer season
had no need of he
All the singers and dancers
were off till next year
It must have been Gabriel
to me it’s quite clear
Now that the Angels have a legend
sitting at the keys
When heaven plays jazz they’ll be
grooving with ease
They’ll be swinging to riffs
as only our man can play
And we’ll know that our man
is making God’s day.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #8 by Wolrad)

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