How To Write Each Day

2 min readJun 22, 2024

A poem about challenge

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

I just finished reading Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird, the 25th anniversary edition. Imagine having a book that has been read by so many millions of writers who search for the answer to their goal. She has most definitely left me with a more defined approach to writing. As I have hoped that many of my followers have enjoyed my works, I now believe I can give even more with each piece I write. With that in mind, I have authored the following poem, in an effort to get across the main piece of knowledge I achieved from Lamott’s wonderful, as she puts it, instruction on writing and life.

It has no meaning what you place upon the page
It can be of love or even darkest rage
What matters is you have marked the way
That you must begin each and everyday
Let all that haunts your beaten soul
Today be set to be your daily goal
It may be of a dream that haunts your nights
Or of a dancing girl or a bird in flight
This is and shall be your daily doom
As you sit each morning in your room
Announcing to the world that you will write
That novel that you held for years in sight
That gives away some secrets you kept close
A promise that you made as you shared a morning’s toast
Now that she’s gone you feel it is the time
To put her story down in prose or even rhyme
If this be what fate has shown you the way
Then you must begin to write it down today
In hopes that someone will see…




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