I’m Not Sure — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#14)

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I’m Not Sure

I wake up every morning
Should I shower first or eat
There’s always some confusion
As the floor and my feet meet
The thoughts keep running through me
I’m not sure of which comes first
I drink a glass of water
To quench my night long thirst
The rising sun begins to burst
Upon the morning scene
Which brings me to a long ago remembering
When I enlisted in the Army
They decided this for me
They woke me every morning
Told me exactly where to be
The day started with some stretching
The sun was coming up
I wanted for some coffee
Thick and black in my tin cup
With some beat up eggs and toast
All roasted to a tee
That was the kick each morning
That did the trick for me
Our Sergeant guided us throughout
Each long hard dreary day
We crawled and ran till the sun went down
“No time to frown!” he’d say
He molded us as if he was molding human clay
The best part of my hitch I still believe
Was what my new body did achieve
Now I’m still not sure this morning
As I open my eyes wide
Should I shower first or eat
Or pull the covers up and hide.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #14 by Wolrad)

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