My Dream — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#26)

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My Dream

I do not know or even try to comprehend
What lingers from my dream this night past
Yet still there is a feeling that I wish to lend
For just awhile I pray the memory still lasts
Dreams are peculiar to say the least
They feast on the day’s events
Often waking you in a cold scary sweat
That haunts you till once again you sleep
There are those times we choose to remain
Deep within that moment as we rest
The test I’ve found asks the question
As I mention what leaves me cold
The older dreams forever live in corners to repeat
Past stories that live deep within my sleep
At times I may win to then lose quick
In darkness the black is so thick
As with the whale “it beckons me!”
I question “why must it be?”
I awake I start my day the same old way
Once more the dream and I no longer fight
Until I sleep to dream again tonight.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #26 by Wolrad)

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