My Favorite Poem

2 min readJun 20, 2024

A redux with a better name

Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash

Take a brief journey my friend if you will
Try for a moment to be comfortably still
Take a deep breath and close your eyes
Picture yourself in a favorite disguise
Are you a Pilot
Are you a Prince
Are you riding a Stallion
Leaping over a fence
You can be anyone
You’re as free as a bird
Be that someone you dream of
Let go and observe
Now that you’re here what do you see
Are you in that place that you want to be
Can you imagine you’ve got money to burn
Or are you still searching at each corner you turn
This journey is always a moment away
Try it and see how it changes your day
Give it a chance to light up your life
Picture yourself happy as a husband or wife
So many visions will pop onto your screen
Relax and let yourself float in the dream
See what fate places within your own mind
See for the first time and you’re no longer blind
There are no guarantees to the secret to life
No promise my friend you will relieve all your strife
The wonder derived is you ventured inside
Where your secret to life relentlessly hides.

(A redux poem from the Wolrad collection #346)




WOLRAD the pen name of Mark Darlow, writer, songwriter, poet, invites you to visit his website at and enjoy his books and songs.