Now That You’re Gone — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#7)

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Now That You’re Gone

I cannot tell you how I feel
now that you’re gone
My feelings fill the room
there’s so much wrong
I want to hold my breath
and be so strong for you
No matter how I try
this I cannot do
You were my friend and confidant
so many times before
This space cannot be filled
not now or evermore
For in my dreams the character
that saved me from the dark
Is just a shadow as if a tree has lost its leaves
and stands just bark
Forgive me I have not the strength to hold my head
this day erect
My thoughts reject the news
that you have passed
At last what wanders in and out my head
can’t be
I’m sorry at the end I never told you
how much you meant to me
For what is life when those are taken
in a moments glance
And all that’s left are loving souls
to claim a second chance.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #7 by Wolrad)

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