Pain’s Challenge — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#10)

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Pain’s Challenge

Pain has many deep-set roots
Often tooting its blasting horn
Causing you those well-known aches
As if you’ve stepped upon a thorn
No use you just can’t shake it
You’ve waked a sorry old wound
For only just this moment
Your whole life is out of tune
“So, what to do?” you ask yourself
As you try your best to rise
Above this place this endless race
You shutter to disguise
There is a light within you
Way down deep within your soul
That constantly releases you
From paying your pain’s toll
Dig deeper than you have before
Begin by opening your minds door
Inside you’ll find a burning flare
To challenge all that stings and dares
Turn ‘round your ways begin your fight
Take on what pain does best
Within a day or maybe two
Pain’s gone and you’re at rest.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #10 by Wolrad)

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