Scared Silly — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#19)

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Scared Silly

There she stood with mighty claws
Insides growling for some more
Her great shadow cast over me
As the biggest old oak tree
Would she let me live and pass
I thought as this massive lass
Leaned towards me her breath so warm
Went right through me like a thorn
I won’t look or move or think
She can strike me in a blink
Then I’ll bleed from all my veins
In this moment I’m insane
Full of fear as not before
Since Ma whipped me for ducking chores
When she caught me at the door
I don’t duck them anymore
Please forgive me I say deep
Not a word from me or peep
I shall go down a brave soul
Please I’ll pay you any toll
It was as she knew my drift
She turned and as if a precious gift
Walked away in her slow way
Moving all that blocked her way
I will never take for granted
All what I have wanted for
I will think of life romantic
I won’t ever want for more
And when the bear within the stars
Comes down to take me there
I will welcome her in knowing
She let me live these many years.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #19 by Wolrad

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