St. Patrick and The Giant — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#16)

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The following is a fable
that was written just for fun.
It tells about the biggest man
’twas said he weighed a ton.
St. Patrick was his favorite Saint
no man could take that away.
Each night he raised his glass in praise
to thank him for his day.

St. Patrick and The Giant

Once upon a time on the softest field of green
A bonnie lass stopped to rest knowing soon that she would bring
A baby lad so big they said how could it be just one
’Twas born without a problem underneath the rising sun

The lass took just one look and said it’s John to be your name
Your father James Magee for your size I’m gonna blame
She took him to the tavern for the world to see her boy
To have a pint and raise a toast to this bundle full of joy

He grew to be the biggest man the world would ever know
They all believed the tales he told who wouldn’t don’t you know
He walked as tall you’ve ever seen a man could ever stride
The trees themselves if you believe all quickly stepped aside

Our hero was a gentle man on Sunday he would rest
In church to give praise and thanks to his Saint that was his best
A special spot was crafted for our man the size of two
With a place to set his feet upon within his giant shoes

As time went by our John Magee became someone fun to see
He told the grandest stories at the pub for pints and fee
He always made you laugh as he raised his glass and say
“St. Patrick put me on this earth and made me just this way!”

Our gentle John and though he was no man would use that name
Decided he would travel to the next town for a change
To see the world he’s never seen and find himself a wife
But who would every marry John Magee would be for life

As fate would have it in that town just miles down the road
Our gentle fearsome giant found a woman don’t you know
As big as he and beautiful to John she ever was
The moment that he saw her eyes his heart began to pause

They married at the church that John spent Sundays every week
Then built themselves the biggest house along a crooked creek
Within a year a child had come a size no one could dream
They named their son John Patrick for the blessings he did bring

Through the years they all believed the stories John would tell
Especially St. Patrick’s tales he learned to tell so well
If ever there could ever be a man to spin a yarn
’Twas John about St. Patrick with his special kind of charm

Now just like every fairy tale this one must find an end
For men like John the giant are not the type to start a trend
Believe in what you wish my friend for wishes do come true
Like John Magee St. Patrick is also there for you.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #16 by Wolrad)

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