The Old Oak Tree Whispers — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#29)

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The Old Oak Tree Whispers

I know I hear her whisper as I hug my old oak tree
That’s been growing by my window all my life so happily
Its leaves just started blooming as it has throughout the years
For just a week it brings on my allergic blooming tears
It did not take till I was four to climb her with my friends
We carved our many names some since have found their end
She grew so big my dad said “I’ll have to chop her down!”
We printed signs and ran around the town
We all ganged up against my dad demanding she should stay
And there she stands whispering as I hug her here today
We saved her for the birds who return to build their nests
We saved her so they may sing and feed on nasty pests
We saved her for the world to see Nature at her best
Standing tall relentless passing every test
I wonder if a tree can sense you near and know you care
I wonder if they live as us feeling love and feeling fear
When they lose their leaves in fall and sleep the winter through
As they awake in spring are they waiting there for you
Who can say what Nature planned the day she brought her here
Who can say or deny she knows you are standing near
On that day I pass away if her leaves still cast a shade
Plant me near so I may hear her whisper from the grave.

(From Copy and Paste Poem #29 by Wolrad)

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