Why Not Eat Worms — A Copy and Paste Poem by Wolrad (#18)

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Why Not Eat Worms

Why not eat worms
Said the Robin, the beauty of the farm
To the Mouse who’d never caused him any harm
A worm to me means life you see
It gives me strength to fly and to be
As free as a bird can ever be
That’s why the worm means so much to me
The Mouse replied in a squeak and a sway
I could not eat a worm in that way
Or any other I suppose on any other day
A nut, some seed would fill my tummy
Or from that tree I’ll search for honey
Above so perched you could hardly see
A wise old Owl announced “Why not ask me?”
The Robin jumped to a branch nearby
The Mouse looked up to the two in the sky
With a hoot the Owl began to agree
A worm at times is tasty to me
And I enjoy a nut from that old nut tree
Then the Owl jumped off his branch so quick
The Mouse just froze as stiff as a stick
He moved so fast as he shouted loud with a squeal
“A Mouse is my favorite kind of meal!”

(From Copy and Paste Poem #18 by Wolrad)

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