Letter to Santa — A Copy and Paste Letter by Wolrad (#58)

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Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
I am writing to you for the first time. This year things are different. My dad lost his job and with it, lost that smile he used to wear almost all the time. My Dad is a good guy with the biggest heart. It looks like I will not be getting many things for the holidays, and that is OK. We always had a big Christmas tree that we all decorated. Just after Thanksgiving, we would start pulling down all the ornaments we have collected throughout the years. I am only ten years old, yet I remember adding so many new ornaments to the tree each year.
Thanksgiving was not much fun either. We did have a turkey and stuffing and all the great dishes Mom makes. She learned them from my grandmother. That is one of the sad parts of this request. My grandmother died of Covid-19 a few months ago. We miss her a lot. Mom made all her special Thanksgiving dishes, just like her Mom use to and someday I will do the same.
Santa, this year has been so bad for our family. School closes when the teachers are afraid that they and their students will get sick. We must learn our subjects on a computer from home. I try, though it is not easy to learn this way. I hope that I can go back to school soon.
Now about my request. It is not for me. What I want for Christmas is a job for my Dad, so he will get his smile back. And maybe something to make Mom feel like a Mom again. It has been so tough on her since grandma died. Please Santa, I do not want anything for myself. Unless of course you just happen to have something extra laying around.

I will have the cookies and milk waiting,

Jane from small-town U.S.A.

(From Copy and Paste Letter #58 by Wolrad)

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